OPES Q&A Series

Nicholas Dancer

Chief Operation Officer ( COO )

Petrogas E&P

OPES Q&A Series with Petrogas E&P

Petrogas E&P recognizes the global shift towards sustainable energy solutions, which is why we work tirelessly and we are actively committed to contributing to the energy transition. At Petrogas E&P, we have initiated several key strategies to integrate clean energy practices into our operations, as demanded by our core value (We Look After Each Other and The World Around Us). Firstly, we are investing in R&D to explore ways of producing cleaner energy such as by zero flaring and moving towards a future of decarbonization, carbon and methane reduction initiatives (such as carbon transport and storage), developing very-low energy production facilities, using biofuel blends to power drilling rigs and offshore supply vessels, as well exploring alternative energy sources such as e-fuels or hydrogen. Additionally, we are implementing advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency of our existing operations, improved methane leak monitoring to reduce fugitive emissions, switching from diesel power generation to gas, which also reduce emissions and associated environmental impact. Petrogas is strongly committed to adopting environmentally eco-friendly practices in its daily activities, from reducing waste generation to optimizing energy consumption. Through these initiatives, we aim to lead in reducing our emissions but also set industry benchmarks for environmental responsibility.

Our commitment to sustainable energy aligns seamlessly with Oman Vision 2040, which envisions a diversified and environmentally conscious economy. To contribute to achieving this vision, Petrogas E&P has formulated a strategy that includes various dimensions; Petrogas E&P (whenever the opportunity arises) will actively participate in the development and deployment of clean energy projects within the Sultanate of Oman. In addition, Petrogas E&P will collaborate with local communities, government bodies, and other industrial partners to create more sustainable and cleaner energy. Through these strategic partnerships, Petrogas E&P aspires to contribute to achieving sustainable energy goals in the Sultanate of Oman, promotes economic growth, maintains a healthy and safe workforce, while minimizing the impact to the environment.

As part of OPES, Petrogas E&P is excited to showcase its latest advancements and initiatives that reflect our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our key highlights are the Zero-Flaring commitment in Oman showcased by our Daleel asset, and the new zero emission offshore platforms recently developed in the Netherlands, aimed at reducing environmental impact, while improving operational efficiency. We will also share our plans for the Exploration and Production of cleaner energy projects within Oman and other areas of our operations, underlining Petrogas’ commitment to supporting sustainable energy goals at the national and global level. Furthermore, we will present case studies and success stories from our ongoing projects that demonstrate the positive results of our sustainable practices. Petrogas E&P both will serve as a stage to engage with stakeholders, providing insights into Petrogas E&P vision for the future of energy.

Petrogas E&P participation at OPES is integral to achieving its overall objectives. First, it provides us with a unique opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to cleaner energy and sustainable practices, enhancing our reputation as an environmentally responsible industry leader. The event provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, enabling us to connect with key stakeholders, potential partners, and government officials. These interactions will facilitate the exchange of ideas, fostering strategic alliances that align with our goals (vision, mission, and values). Additionally, participating in OPES allows us to keep up of industry trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory developments, ensuring that our strategies remain adaptive and forward-thinking. Ultimately, our presence at OPES is a pivotal element in our journey towards achieving our long-term objectives of contributing to Oman's sustainable energy vision and maintaining a leadership position in the oil and gas sector.