OPES Q&A Series

Osama Al Zadjali

General Manager - Members Network Management

Oman Energy Association (OPAL)

OPES Q&A Series with OPAL

OPAL's initiatives for transitioning to clean energy solutions include:
• Promoting industry standards that align with international benchmarks to facilitate the adoption of clean energy practices.
• Supporting research and development in the energy sector to find sustainable solutions, including those related to clean energy.
• Recognizing and honoring companies and organizations through the Best Practice Awards for their contributions to energy transition, environmental sustainability, and net zero emissions.
• Encouraging the deployment and development of clean energy technologies through its platform and association with energy companies.

Our strategies include:
• Focusing on Omanization initiatives to increase local employment in the energy sector, aligning with the country's vision for economic diversification and job creation.
• Emphasizing training and human capital development to empower young Omanis with the skills required for sustainable energy practices.
• Implementing health, safety, and environmental standards and providing training through HSE passports to ensure the well-being of employees and mitigate risks in the workplace.
• Supporting small business enterprises and community causes through corporate social responsibility initiatives, contributing to socio-economic development and environmental sustainability.

As part of OPES, OPAL will showcase our initiatives in promoting industry standards, training programs, and corporate social responsibility efforts.
Annually, OPAL unveils a new thematic initiative, and in 2024, our spotlight shines on Worker Welfare. By actively engaging, we seek to amplify this important agenda, driving the industry towards exemplary standards of operation.

OPAL’s participation will provide us with a platform to showcase its initiatives, share best practices, and engage with stakeholders in the energy sector. Moreover, it will facilitate networking opportunities with industry players, government representatives, and international partners to further collaboration and knowledge exchange.