OPES Q&A Series

Hamed Al Mamari

Senior Manager, Decarbonisation and New Energies

Oman LNG


Oman LNG has set a clear roadmap for decarbonisation and transitioning to Net Zero.The roadmap has a number of initiatives around operational excellence and energy efficiency improvement, renewable power integration and Battery Energy Storage Systems, electrification of fossil fuel based combustion.

The strategy set by Oman LNG is in line with Oman’s National Strategy for an orderly transition to Net Zero by 2050. This strategy is part of the National Net Zero Program under the umbrella of Oman Vision 2040. The initiative and projects undertaken by OLNG will help the Sultanate Oil and Gas sector to reach the target of 7% absolute emission reduction by 2030 and 84% by 2040. Oman LNG works very closely with the Vision implementation follow up unit, Oman Environmental Authority and Ministry of Energy and Minerals to ensure alignment and overall delivery of the sector.

OLNG will showcase the recent updates on its journey to Net Zero. There might be new announcement once the development work is complete. In addition, OLNG is currently studying a new proposal for circular economy and the impact of it on Sur’s industrial Area’s and Oman’s Carbon footprint. There might be additional information shared during the upcoming OPES.

OPES will provide a great platform for the energy sector to share knowledge and experiences. There will be a lot of learning that can be picked up from each other. The conference will also provide a great opportunity for networking.