OPES Q&A Series

Walter Simpson

Managing Director, CC Energy Development


OPES Q&A Series with CCED

Through leveraging cutting-edge technology and converting gas into a more sustainable power source, CC Energy Development (CCED) is committed to contributing to Oman's energy transition towards net-zero emissions and greener alternatives.
A significant step in the transition to clean energy solutions and, therefore, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and zero gas flaring is the execution of our gas-to-power project this year. In 2023, CCED commenced executing this Gas-to-Power project in the company's Blocks 3 & 4 (Afar & Ghunaim) Operations on the eastern coast of Oman to further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in pursuit of zero gas flaring ambitions by 2027.
In collaboration with Aggreko, a leading provider of industrial energy solutions, CCED will replace diesel with unutilized associated gas, a byproduct of crude oil production, to generate electricity to power its field production assets, such as facilities, wells, and camps.

At CC Energy Development (CCED), our continued success is dependent on us being a cost-effective producer with a low environmental footprint that is valued by the communities that we work with. To this end, we adopt a sustainable and technology-supported strategic approach to our operations. All our initiatives are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the objectives of Oman Vision 2040, of which carbon neutrality and tackling climate change are essential components.
CCED has a three-pronged approach to its environmental stewardship, and apart from greenhouse gas emissions reduction through initiatives such as the Gas-to- Power project, the company also focuses on sustainable water and waste management.
With this continued focus on sustainable practices, CCED is poised to further cement its position as a prominent player in the industry, contributing to the nation’s energy security, economic prosperity, and net-zero objectives.

During our participation in OPES, we will be covering various aspects of our business, including the Gas-to-Power project and how it contributes to our roadmap to zero gas flaring and Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction.
We will also showcase how we are further ramping up production in an efficient manner as we focus on digital transformation, which includes the usage of cutting- edge 3D Seismic Surveying Technology during an extensive exploration campaign. This approach enables us to improve our competitiveness and sustainable approach even further.
The 3D seismic acquisition programme is well underway and by the end of 2024 we will expect to have around 17,000 sq.km of high-quality 3D seismic data processed to state-of-the-art standards over the entire prospective portions of both blocks.

We recognise that our participation in OPES is a good opportunity for CCED to showcase our latest initiatives, while we can learn and share knowledge and expertise with other stakeholders in the industry. Companies are placing a greater focus on sustainable practices and renewable energy sources. Meanwhile, we aim to lead by example as both sustainable practices and digital transformation continue to play a key role in the entire energy industry and beyond.