22 – 24 APRIL 2024

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscat, Oman

Press Coverage

29-Mar-2022 With the aim of promoting the concept of a green economy, the Sultanate of Oman is preparing to issue special legislation

27-Mar-2022 Al Shabiba

26-Mar-2022 Oman Daily Observer (ODO)

26-Mar-2022 The Arabian Stories

26-Mar-2022 Alamaliktisaad

26-Mar-2022 ODO - Digital

23-Mar-2022 A direct link from the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center

22-Mar-2022 Alamaliktisaad

22-Mar-2022 Muscat Daily

22-Mar-2022 Oman Daily Observer (ODO)

22-Mar-2022 Alroya

22-Mar-2022 Alsahwa

22-Mar-2022 Alsahwa

22-Mar-2022 Oman Daily Observer Arabic

22-Mar-2022 Times Of Oman

22-Mar-2022 Oman Daily Observer Arabic

22-Mar-2022 Times of Oman

21-Mar-2022 Almasar

21-Mar-2022 Times of Oman

21-Mar-2022 The first phase targets 1,000 employees

21-Mar-2022 Oil & Energy Exhibition & Conference commence

21-Mar-2022 Shabiba

01-Mar-2020 Asia Today

01-Mar-2020 MENA FN

17-Feb-2020 Zawya

17-Feb-2020 PR Al Roya

17-Feb-2020 PR OAD p2

17-Feb-2020 PR Observer

17-Feb-2020 PR Muscat Daily

17-Jul-2019 Times Of Oman

09-Jul-2019 Observer

07-Jul-2019 Asia Today

07-Jul-2019 Zawya

07-Jul-2019 Mena FN