JULY 24, 2020

Oman to spend ro2.2bn on oil and gas production in 2019, up by 6%

In tune with its plan to increase spending to boost growth, Oman is planning to invest around RO2.2bn in 2019 in oil and gas production and exploration activities, nearly six per cent higher than the last year, according to this year's budget.

Oil and gas production expenditure is estimated at RO2.2bn in the 2019 budget, said a statement issued by the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday.

'This includes the operational and capital costs of oil and gas production, and expenses required to maintain future oil and gas production as well as enhance oil and gas reserves', the budget statement said.

In the previous year's budget, the government had announced that it allocated around RO2.1bn, around 15 per cent higher than the 2017, for the hydrocarbon, which remains very crucial for a country like Oman. In 2017, the government had allocated around RO1.82bn for the sector.

According to senior officials from the oil and gas ministry, Oman remains one of the few countries across the world who had never scaled back funds allocated for the hydrocarbon sector despite suffering heavily from the sudden fall in global crude prices over the past few years.

While increasing the fund allocation for the oil and gas sector, the budget statement also said that the government will emphasis more on improving efficiency of the sector.

The budget statement said that the government will try to rationalise spending by 'raising the efficiency of spending on oil and gas production, by using the latest methods' of production.

Source: www.omanoilandgas.com