OCTOBER 13, 2020

BP Oman to produce 500 million cubic feet of gas from Ghazeer project

BP Oman company plans to start producing 500 million cubic feet of gas from the Ghazeer project by the end of year 2020. Eng. Yousef bin Mohammed Al Ojaili, Chairman of BP Oman, has said that the company is bracing for the launch of a 500-million-cubic feet gas project (at Ghazeer field) whose installations are 99 per cent ready for the start of production.

Al-Ojaili said that production of gas from the company's Khazzan gas project now stands at 1 billion cubic feet a day and will rise to 1.5 billion cubic feet a day. The company also produces 35,000 barrels of condensates per day, and this rate is set to double by the start of production at Ghazeer gas project, he added. Drilling at the company’s sites progresses at full swing, said Al-Ojaili, noting that 126 wells were drilled at Khazzan and Ghazeer out of a total of 300 wells over 15 years.

Al-Ojaili pointed out that, so far, the company executed $9.3-billion-worth of investments out of target $16 billion-worth of investments planned for Block (61), which houses Khazzan and Ghazeer projects. He reaffirmed that BP Oman is planning to develop its business towards the production of 10.5 trillion cubic feet from renewable gas resources at Block 61 (Khazzan and Ghazeer fields). He pointed out that gas produced by the company will considerably enhance the stability of supplies from local resources.

In 2016, BP and Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production signed a revised petroleum agreement with the Ministry of Oil and Gas to expand the concession area in Block 61 for Khazzan project to ensure developing Khazzan gas project through well-controlled quotas. He explained that, as per the agreement, the expansion will extend the concession area of Block 61 south and west by about 1,000 square kilometres to be added to the project’s existing area of about 2,700 square kilometres.

The expansion will enable BP to start the second phase of developing the field in order to get additional resources of gas in the area demarcated during exploratory drilling operations. OQ Company owns 30 per cent of the project, while Petronas owns 10 per cent and BP 60 per cent.

Source: Source: Times of Oman